Phyllis Ayman is an expert speech/language pathologist, certified dementia practitioner, trainer and manager who has authored “Nursing Homes to Rehabilitation Centers…What Every Person Needs to Know” and the bestseller “OVERDUE Quality Care for Our Elder Citizens”.  She is a staunch advocate and outspoken proponent for improved dignity, respect, quality care and quality of life for Our Elder Citizens. In her role as an eldercare advocate, she prepares families to become more effective advocates for their loved ones by providing valuable information from a unique inside perspective after working in over 45 nursing homes. Phyllis is a featured speaker and trainer on a variety of topics for both the public and private sector. Her work has been featured in major media outlets.

She conceived and hosts the podcast: SeniorsSTRAIGHTTalk on the Voice America Empowerment Channel and on favorite podcast platforms. She also has several articles published in national online professional magazines. Phyllis is a member of the Massachusetts Advocates for Nursing Home Reform and an advisory board member for Olive Community Services.