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Join Olive Community Services for our Annual Walkathon this year!  

We are holding an in-person walkathon on Sunday, November 7th from 9-11a.m. at New Horizon Community Center in Irvine, CA.  We challenge you and your family to walk up to 5K with us and raise funds for a great cause!  All proceeds raised leading up to our walkathon event go toward Olive’s Live, Learn and Thrive Program which includes: exercise, cooking, mental health, outdoor hiking and more!  Let’s take steps in the right direction by registering for our walkathon today! 

5 Great Reasons to Join 

1) An opportunity for seniors and friends to engage in physical activity for health and wellness 

2) Connect with friends, community members, and allies together for a good cause 

3) Collectively raise $50,000 for Olive’s Live, Learn, and Thrive Programs through peer to peer fundraising and sponsorships 

4) Raise your $1K campaign goal and get a fabulous walkathon t-shirt and special Olive hydroflask 

5) Engage in friendly competition with your fellow Olivers on who can raise the most  

Already signed up? Track the campaign progress here>>

For more information, contact Sofia at 

For sponsorship information, contact Arefa at 

Thank you to our generous Olive Annual Walkathon 2021 Sponsors: 

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