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Narmeen, a qualified cardiovascular technician, was born in Tanzania and grew up in Zambia. After residing in England for a period of time, she then moved to the US in 1991. Narmeen has always participated in community work as she loves helping others. Narmeen is passionate about reading and enjoys doing arts and crafts. 


While caring for her mother in-law for 5-years, she had to pause her community involvement. After she passed, she resumed her activities again. Through this experience, she learned how challenging it is to access services for seniors, especially when they are home-bound. Narmeen learned about Olive through Rabia Afghani. She began attending the LLT program at Brookhurst Community Center, met Rubina and expressed her interest in volunteering.

“It brings out the best in me when I am helping others and making a difference.”

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