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Rubina is the current president and one of the founding members of Olive Community Services. Rubina’s passion for eldercare, and the driving force behind Olive, stems from her experience of caring for her parents from afar as they reside in Canada. As the population is aging, Rubina sees a need to create culturally appropriate support services for seniors in a way that engages them physically, mentally, and socially. Since loneliness and isolation are two of the key contributors that negatively impact seniors, it is even more crucial that these services are available to our community. Rubina stresses the importance of intergenerational relationships and believes that they are integral in fostering healthy relationships amongst families. Rubina is passionate about facilitating projects and bringing them to fruition. Her empathy, strong leadership, networking, and management skills have been instrumental in bringing Olive to where it is today. As the organization continues to grow and evolve, Rubina envisions Olive to be one of the best culturally appropriate organizations in California serving seniors, their family, and the community locally and globally.

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