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Live Learn Thrive (LLT) program is a day program that offers a variety of activities ranging from exercise, arts and crafts, educational talks by subject matter experts, cultural celebrations, and lunch. The programs are held every Wednesday at the Brookhurst Community Centre in Anaheim and is in the process of expanding to other communities within Southern California.

In light of the Covid-19 Pandemic, in-person programs have been halted. Olive Community Services is offering free online programs to keep our participants informed, engaged, and connected. Join from the comfort of your own home.

FREE Online Programs


Olive Fit & Fun


This program focuses on exercise and health education.

Olive Live Learn Thrive


The Olive Live Learn Thrive (LLT) program is a virtual version of our day program which includes mix of learning and fitness followed by discussions on a variety of topics ranging from books, movies, health & wellness, as well as presentations by guest speakers.

Olive Connect & Create


Exercise followed by a creative project or chat led by the facilitator.

olive outdoors.jpg

The Olive Outdoors Program facilitates day excursions once a month to a variety of locations ranging from parks, beaches, and other venues. Olive Outdoors was initiated through a partnership with the Art and Wilderness Institute. The program includes educational nature hikes and virtual nature presentations led by students of the Art and Wilderness Institute.

Help prevent the spread of the Corona virus. Obtain our hand-made masks!
Available by donation. Contact us.


> 22% of seniors live alone in Orange

   County and 27.3 in counties nation wide

> 1 in 3 seniors will experience loneliness

   which may result in a decline in health

   and quality of life

> Living alone can result in difficulty

   performing routine tasks

> Seniors are more likely to suffer from

   mental distress associated with health

   problems, grief and loss of independence


The Olive Friend program matches a senior with a volunteer to offer companionship for approximately 2-hours per week. All volunteers are required to successfully pass a background check. If you are a senior who is looking for social stimulation or an individual over age 18 wanting to make a positive difference in the life of a senior, we want to hear from you! 


A youth led project connecting Olivers (senior citizens) with the younger generation. Olivers share their experiences of overcoming adversity with the youth as a way from them to develop resilience through the power of storytelling.

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